Theta Productions is an established video production company that has been making films for broadcast and the corporate sector for 30 years


We pride ourselves on provide innovative solutions to complex problems, using the latest technology available, combined with a depth and breadth of knowledge that can only be gained by experience.


Theta Productions are particularly well suited to international productions, having filmed in over 30 countries and with an extensive network of colleagues that provide production solutions around the world.


We have worked on a diverse range of programmes in the following areas:



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Tel: +33(0)468057098



?2?nce: +33(0)780367996



We are currently based near Prades in the very South of France just north of the Spanish border, from where we undertake projects worldwide.



We edit on a computer based Final Cut Pro system to full broadcast specifications.?£¤ also use After Effects, and Photoshop to produce graphic and animation elements of programmes.


We are happy to quote for editing services on a per day or project basis.¨¦| you have a fixed or limited budget for a production, please call to discuss it with us.?£¤ are normally able to suggest ways in which we can help you make your video more economically.



We provide a complete production service for our clients from original concept to finished programme.?¡§£¤ther you final video is for Broadcast, DVD or the Internet, we can help.


Give us a call and we¨¬ ¡§elp you bring your ideas to life!

?3¡ãan> Theta Productions



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