This is a specialist service we are able to offer as one of our cameramen is also a qualified Quantity Surveyor.


We have carried out a number of Video Condition and Dilapidations Surveys on major refurbishment projects of the Old Finsbury Town Hall, The Connaught Hotel and The Savoy Hotel. Most recent projects include a Luxury Apartment Development in Duke Street & the new ME Hotel on the Strand.


Our clients use the surveys as a reliable record of the project before building work commences, that may be called upon later as evidence in case of any work disputes, and as a reference for any listed features.


Benefits of our system over traditional photography include:

q Filming in High Definition for maximum image quality and allowing clear screen or photographic prints to be produced.

q Date stamp in vision as proof of time and date of filming.

q Delivered on DVDs authored with menus referenced to plans of the project, allowing quick access to the relevant imagery.

q Informed commentary by the surveyor adding additional information to the images.

q The use of video and method of filming means there can be no ambiguity as to the location and accuracy of the images being viewed.

Our current clients view this service as both an “insurance policy” and a tool to quickly resolve what could otherwise be costly disputes between themselves and their clients.


In addition to providing an unequivocal snapshot at the start of a project, it also saves time and money on both sides in the case of any disputes.


Our clients tell us that there only needs to be a single dispute on a job to make this service pay for itself.


We will be happy to advise how we can help on your next project.

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